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SAFETY RULES - Read With Your Child

1. Horseplay and disrespect will not be tolerated by the child or the parent. If you are unable to respect our facility, staff and rules, we are not the program for you and your family.

2. A positive attitude and desire to learn is required in the gym at any time.

3. Please be sure your child’s shoes are removed for class, no street shoes on the gym floor at any time.

4. No one may go on any equipment without proper supervision or permission.

5. New skills may not be attempted without an instructor’s permission.

6. We are not responsible for parents, gymnasts or siblings who go in the gym area \ without permission (please refrain from going in the gym area without permission).

7. Dress Code: girls should wear a leotard, no socks or tights. Boy should wear a t-shirt and shorts. No jewelry should be worn (including earrings). Long hair must be tied off the face. No hair clips or pins. The belly area must be covered, no sports bras, crop tops or bikinis may be worn. Ninja Zone students -Uniform

8. No food, candy, gum, or drinks are permitted in the gym area (waiting area is ok)

9. Please encourage your child to use the restroom before class.

10. Please go over the gym rules with your child prior to starting class.

11. No Running or gymnastics in lobby areas. If we observe your athlete running in the waiting areas, we will not allow them in classes.

12. If you need to nurse your child, please do so anywhere you feel comfortable. The gym floor is not a safe place to nurse a child as it could result in an injury and our ultimate goal is to keep everyone safe.

13. PARENTS – DO NOT yell out to your child during their class including calling them off the gym floor for any reason. – The staff will rectify any and all issues; your child is expected to pay attention to the coach during class. If you are speaking to them while they are in class, they may not know who to listen to and this could result in an injury. Thank you!

14. BE ON TIME FOR CLASSES – if a student is more than 5 minutes late they will not be able to attend that class and a make-up will not be offered. They miss important skills and stretches in the first 15 minutes of class. Tardiness is also VERY disruptive to the other students who were on time and takes away from the dynamics of the class.

15. DO NOT DROP OFF MORE THAN 5 MINUTES EARLY FOR CLASS; we are usually in meetings, or still preparing for classes. LIKEWISE- please be prompt for picking up as we have classes transitioning. Please do not leave your child for their class until their class is called.

16. Bare feet on the gym floor for all students.

17. Physician’s notes must be delivered to the office via e-mail or dropped off 24 hours prior to the child’s class.

18. Please refrain from Videoing our classes. If you would like to video your child doing a skill, we will let you know when that is possible. Photos are ok, but only of your child, no one else’s.

19. Please drive slowly in our parking lot and use the designated parking spots.

21. DO NOT GO ON THE PURPLE OR GREY FLOOR at any time. Please remain in the lobby area, if an instructor needs you, we will let you know.

22. PLEASE DO NOT MOVE OUR FURNITURE AROUND or ALLOW YOUR CHILD TO COLOR ON OUR FURNITURE. There is a reason we do not have crayons and markers available.

23. Please do not put children or other items on our balcony, on stairwell balcony or on top of the cubbies. (Hudson)

24. For the safety of our athletes, patrons and coaches, students must abide by the gym rules. Be respectful to each other and our staff. Rudeness and disrespect will not be tolerated.

25. Be safe and have fun!

We are trying to keep our facility nice for your clients and we ask that each client respect the facility so it can remain nice for your families enjoyment for years to come.